George Sen

Hello, I’m Sorin but everyone calls me George similar to my first name Gheorghe. Am 26 years old, first time I come to London 8 years ago, I like London, is fun, much more opportunities and good experience about everything. I’m an outgoing person, prefer pubs and restaurants, like Chinese and Indian Food, Psychologically Movies and Romantic Books. Another quality

 I have Physically Fit, Creative, Energetic, Perceptive, Spontaneous, Optimistic, Intelligent, Passione, Ambitious, Affectionate, Social and Funny.

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  • Full Body Massage
  • Chair Massage
  • Foot Reflexology

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  • Our massage prices do not depend on the type of the Massage.
  • Before you choose your favourite therapist please read the treatment they can carry out.


“Sorin was amazing with very strong hand, I refreshed after his treatment”, Sara.

Lily Smith

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