Reliable, professional and motivated I aspire to bring to every massage session an adapted and relaxing experience. I am a qualified massage therapist specialized in Swedish and deep tissue massage. Let’s forget thoughts, negative vibes and travel to tranquillity by opening your senses with perfumed oil, incense, music, some color lights or candles, and all benefits of Swedish massage which will improve circulation and relieve tensions.

Let`s book him for the following treatment:

  • Swedish (full body) massage
  • Relax massage
  • Deep tissue massage

Please note the followings:

  • Our massage prices do not depend on the type of the massage.
  • If you wish the therapist carry massage table with him/ herself to you, please leave a message in the description box, once you make your booking.
  • The variety of massages depend on your selected therapist`s skills.
  • If your therapist has different kind of skills, please leave a not in the description box, which one you wish to receive.
  • If you have made your booking online, we will send your booking confirmation shortly.