“I am from southern Spain, in the area of Ronda Dreamed City, one of the most inspiring cities. I grew up in Atajate one of the smallest and quaint villages of Andalusia.
I come from a family of therapists. A career in Natural Sciences and Health as well as more
then a decade lived in one of the healthiest towns in Spain have inspired me to dedicate my energy to others. I left the stressful and fast-paced engineering world to focus on helping people to feel better. Specialized in Deep Tissue Massage and Full Body Massage, I can provide a helpful experience to everyone.”

Let`s book him for the following treatment:

    • Swedish (Full body) massage


    • Deep tissue massage


    • Relax massage

Please note the followings:

    • Our massage prices do not depend on the type of the massage.
    • Before you choose your favourite therapist please read the treatment they can carry out.