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Back pain and heavy legs? Lack of energy, bad mood and insomnia? Massage helps to throw off the load of problems-it is was one of the best ways to boost your well-being and happiness. I offer Swedish, Holistic Full body, Classic, and Reflexology massage.It is a reliable way to get to the world of positive mood and better feeling. Swedish massage increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage,give sarush of energy in the day time and a deep sleep at night, helps to recover faster after the illness.You don’t need a speci fic reason to have a massage, it can be just apart of your routine body care. Relaxation after the massage restores your harmony and releases tension. If you want to work more effective and to get out of depression- contact to me. I am the best choice because: I have a special education. I successfully graduated from the Academy of Massage in Poland in 2016 (Classic, Reflexology massage) In London (Swedish, Holistic Full body massage) As a result, I am perfectly oriented in human anatomy and physiology, I can distinguish painful state of tissues from the normal state. To be sure I am offering a high quality massage. Finally, I subtly feel the emotional state of t zone. I will get along with your body alreadin the first session and you will feell ightness and weightless.