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Hello everyone, the benefit you will gain out of my therapeutical massage are: Reinvigorating your organs, your mussels and your nerve system. Improving your blood circulation and your lymphatic system drainage. Minimising stress for several days or weeks. Rebalancing in general your mind, emotions and your full physical body. With my Pranic Healing I can provide you with a general treatment to prevent any future ilnesses I can heal or relief pain in just one session, like shoulder pain, back pain, hands pain, legs pain etc. I can heal or relief also more complicated pathologies like Psychological disturbances, emotional pain, cancer, unbalanced hormones, sexual disturbances, unbalanced blood pressure and basically I can work with Pranic Healing techniques  in almost any pathologies and ilnesses. Pranic healing is not mend to substitute the medicine but it works together with it, pranic healing will speed  up the recovering process that sometimes it is considered like a Miracle.


Let`s book him for the following treatment:

  • Swedish massage
  • Thai massage

Please note the followings:

  • Our massage prices do not depend on the type of the massage.
  • ​Before you choose your favourite therapist please read the treatment they can carry out.